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If you are a reporter on deadline or would like to get in touch regarding media, please contact Mark De Vries at or call 8801 6200.

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Welcome to Santa Sophia Catholic College

I am proud and privileged to be a part a team committed to making a difference in the lives of children, in our community and to transforming education.

As you explore the information on our school website you will discover that Santa Sophia does things a little differently. At Santa Sophia we are committed to providing an education for your child in a Christ Centred environment aimed at educating the whole child, and helping students to be people of true wisdom through faith, hope and love. Based on leading educational research and the best of today’s technologies, students will learn how to think critically and creatively, how to communicate effectively and how to work collaboratively.

Our College acknowledges that every child’s learning journey begins at home with parents being the first educators of their children. Parents will continue to influence their children’s learning and development during the school years and long afterwards. We are committed to making sure that your child continues to learn within our Catholic learning environment at Santa Sophia. This will involve our teachers getting to know your child well, how they learn best, how they can support your child, and what challenges your child to extend their learning.

Great teachers can make a real difference to a child’s life, and we’ll make sure that your child’s teachers are using the very best research in teaching and learning and are supported by a College leadership team with a passion for learning and caring. Let’s work together to build your child’s capacity to learn and develop.

The future workplace and society in which your child will live and work will be different from our own, primarily because technology is changing everything. It’s imperative that we work together to prepare your child for this future. Our College leadership team will need to work with our teachers transform the way in which they teach students including how students are assessed and reported on. Our teachers will be trained to use data to assist them in developing a personalised learning plan for each student, and to work collaboratively on helping students set goals, track their learning, use feedback to improve their learning and how to reflect and evaluate their own learning.

As well as maintaining a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, our College will focus on identifying and developing your child’s strengths as well as future skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and presentation.

In teaching your child we will:

  • Work with your child to find out what interests him or her and show them ways to learn more
  • Use real world problems to show how the skills we learn at school are relevant for life
  • Work closely with your child as she or he learns to take responsibility for learning too.

We welcome your interest in Santa Sophia School and hope you enjoy learning about us. Our partnership with families plays a key role in ensuring we achieve the best for each child. The fact that you are exploring education options for your child demonstrates that you place value on the role education plays in shaping your young person’s future. We would take every opportunity to keep you informed about your child’s learning and how the learning works. We’ll keep you updated when your child is working well and when they’re not working well. I’m looking forward to working together with you!

Mark De Vries

Mark DeVries 2