The Santa Sophia Way

Santa Sophia has developed the ‘Santa Sophia Way’, an educational approach that places individual student learning plans at the centre of all learning

We use student interest, innovative learning styles, flexible timetables and the Australian Curriculum to intentionally enhance every child’s learning adventure.

The ‘Santa Sophia Way’ provides a framework for decision-making and to help students understand what it means to be Catholic in our modern world and aims to help students SEE, JUDGE and ACT with wisdom in order to make a real difference to the world.


Every student and teacher builds these core values into their lives.

The 'Santa Sophia Way' is all about equipping our students with industry knowledge and experience – before they graduate - and reimagining learning and teaching.

Through strong partnerships with leading industry organisations, our students benefit from workplace experience, internships, sponsorships, guest lectures and industry insights giving them a significant advantage and foot in the door of their chosen career.


Our values are Wisdom, Faith, Hope and above all Love.

From a student's perspective learning is...

  • personalised to the ways I learn best
  • flexible so that I can try different ways to learn
  • interactive and engaging so that I participate in the learning
  • organised around my own progress against goals I understand
  • constantly informed by different ways of demonstrating and measuring my progress
  • collaborative with teachers and peers, unlimited by proximity
  • agile and supportive when I need extra help
  • challenging but achievable, with opportunities to become expert in an area of interest available to me as much as it is to every other student
  • gives me the ability to make a difference in the world




The Santa Sophia Way...

  • develops intelligence through knowledge, experience, creativity and thinking in ways that keep curiosity and imagination alert
  • embraces the teaching of 21st century skills of design thinkers, innovators, change agents and entrepreneurs
  • celebrates success when students are progressing, engaged and their spirit for learning is shining bright
  • provides a developmental and student-centered approach to learning with a focus on learning how to learn


Come and see!

We’d love a chance to show you how learning works for young people at Santa Sophia Catholic College. Our dedicated teachers plan the learning in detail to help each child do his or her best. Come and see learning in action today!