Students wearing the school uniform are important ambassadors of Santa Sophia Catholic College in the community.

For this reason, students are expected to wear the correct uniform and groom themselves appropriately at all times.

General Uniform

  • Navy/Fuchsia/White Santa Sophia sports polo shirt
  • Navy Santa Sophia sports shorts
  • White Santa Sophia sports socks
  • Navy Santa Sophia sports cap
  • Navy Santa Sophia backpack
  • Navy Santa Sophia tracksuit in cooler weather
  • Lace-up athletic sports shoes/joggers


  • Students are to be neatly and cleanly dressed at all times.
  • Hair is to be kept neat and tidy, off the collar, of consistent natural colour; any extremes of fashion are not permitted.
  • Ribbons, clips and hair ties must be plain, single coloured and either black, navy or white only.
  • Nails should be kept clean and neatly trimmed. Nail polish is not permitted.


Students may wear only the following items of jewellery:

  • A wrist watch
  • A chain with a cross or religious medallion worn under shirt.
  • Girls may wear one pair of sleepers or small, plain, round studs in the ear lobe only. Facial piercings are not permitted


  • Make up is not permitted.
  • Boys should be clean shaven.

Uniform Shop

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