Dr Justin Coulson Parent Event

On the 19th June, 300 parents across 4 schools came together to be a part of our first major Parent Education Network event with Dr Justin Coulson! Dr Justin was engaging, informative and inspiring as he shared with the parents on ways to build resilience in their child.


Dr Justin spoke about some important ways that parents can help build their child's resilience:

- helping children understand their identity 

- Strengths based parenting: focusing on their child's strengths rather than their weaknesses

- helping their child understand their is no such thing as "smart" just people who work hard and people who don't

- being a "hope-giver" as a parent and providing hope to our children

- giving our children our time

- less screen time and more 'green' time. Increased use of social media may have impact our children's mental health and this is particularly the case for girls

- being supportive without being helicopter parents


Some of the parent feedback from the night included:

"Valuable experience. I already implemented some of Justins Strategies on the morning routine to get to school and noticed a positive difference in attitude and motivation at drop off."


"Such an informative and engaging night!"


"Such a great night and so worthwhile! Thank you for organising this event!"


We look forward to future events such as this with quality speakers to help support our parents in their invaluable role.

You can connect with Dr Justin's resources and blog here: https://www.happyfamilies.com.au/

Thank you to Saint John XXIII for hosting the night at their school and for their participation along with Our Lady of the Angel's Primary and St John Paul II College.