Kindergarten Farm Excursion

To begin investigations in Term Three we looked at what we already knew about animals. We discovered we had many questions and interests about what animals need to survive. Armed with questions we set off to a local, working farm to conduct research. What better way to satisfy our curiosities than experiencing the farm ourselves!


With great excitement we started our day with some real farm work. First we assisted Farmer Belinda to milk Sassy the Friesian cow. Everyone had a turn in softly squeezing the udder’s teats and catching the milk in the bucket. It was hard work but Kindy was up for the challenge!  We also learnt how the fat black pig stays cool in summer. Our next job was to get close and personal with animals in the barn, learning about the responsibilities of a hen and a rooster.  We also carefully held many baby animals including a duckling, a kitten (baby rabbit), and a chick. 


After this we went outside to feed the hungry animals their morning tea! The llama, goats, alpacas and sheep were very hungry. They were snatching the food out of our hands! A few little farmers were nervous to start but quickly overcame their concerns and got to work! 

Our last job was to give the baby animals their bottle of milk. The children carefully held the bottle of warm milk as the eager kid goats and lambs wagged with excitement. This was a much-enjoyed job by both kids. We proved very useful and eager farmers. 



Our day at the farm was a rich learning experience that provided great discussions with keen excitement. It was a fantastic learning opportunity that left many exhausted on the bus ride home. We are very excited to get back to school and research our many questions. We will turn to books and technology to help find our answers. In some cases our peers will become our teachers as they share their learning and information.