PDSSSC Dance Gala Day

PDSSSC Dance Gala Day

By Mrs. Duffield

On Friday the 23rd of August 2019, eight Santa Sophia dancers did a remarkable job representing the school at the PDSSSC Dance Gala day which was held at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre in Penrith. Here, they competed in a group contemporary piece, a group jazz piece, as well as a junior solo performance (which was choreographed and performed by Zarah Giles).




pdsssc dance gala

Antonia, Aleida, Maddy Rose, Zarah, Ananya, Charlotte Santos, Chloe and Sarah Gauld worked tirelessly in the lead up to this competition and during rehearsals where they did everything themselves; from choreographing their own performances to organising their costumes. This showed great commitment, independence and teamwork which really shone through on the day. 


The standard was high on the day where all schools performed exceptionally well and showed positive support and encouragement to the other competitors. It was a fantastic day and it is very exciting to see the creative and performing arts growing at Santa Sophia through such dedicated and skilled dancers.