Santa Sophia provides an alternative to traditional schooling and progresses young people through a developmental and student-centered approach to learning with a focus on ‘learning how to learn’.

The Learning adventure is made up of four schools of learning:


Learning Framework





Learning Capabilities

Stage Four

Demonstrates an understanding of the Catholic perspective of the different themes that are present in the projects. Demonstrates knowledge of the Catholic values and applies them to uphold the dignity of the human person.

  • Displays self-discipline and resilience, engages in reflective practices and understands themselves as a learner.
  • Shows an awareness of the feelings, needs and interests of others.
  • Contributes to positive relationships
  • Appreciates diverse perspectives and resolves conflict appropriately.

Follows class rules and applies basic social protocols when using ICT to communicate with their audience. Capably searches, evaluates, selects and generates information from a range of digital sources, with adherence to copyright restrictions.

Presentation skills
  • Speaks with accuracy and confidence throughout presentations.
  • Maintains eye contact.
  • Clearly and concisely articulates their understanding of the content in an engaging manner.
  • Contributes positively to group tasks.
  • Participates in the planning and discussions of group projects.
  • Meets group expectations in relation to quality and quantity of work.
Critical and creative thinking
  • Critically analyses and connects complex issues and abstract ideas
  • Gives reasons to support their thinking.
  • Generates creative ideas, possibilities and solutions in a variety of contexts.

Early Stage One

Demonstrates an understanding of Jesus’ teachings and how that can be reflected in their decision making and interactions with others.

  • Displays an ability to actively engage and reflect on their learning.
  • Accepts challenges in their learning.
  • Displays respectful speaking, listening and positive collaboration
    skills during interactions with their peers

Follows class rules to appropriately use technology when engaging in and sharing their learning.

Presentation skills
  • confidently shares with their peers using subject specific terminology, a clear voice and cohesive sentences.
  • Actively participates in conversations and group work to collaboratively achieve a goal.
Critical and creative thinking
  • Asks clarifying questions.
  • Makes connections and reflections on their learning progress.