Pastoral Care

The relationship between the student and teacher is where the heart of all pastoral care lies

Our pastoral care framework, Stands for Positive Behaviour Support For Learning (PBS4L), aims to guide the development of Catholic character within each child across the College. The process involves explicitly teaching and re-teaching students how to model positive behaviours.

Our expectation is that every teacher at Santa Sophia is committed to supporting the young people in their care:

  • to progress their learning
  • to develop a growth mindset
  • to develop behaviour that will help them succeed in life.

Our small campus means that our team is able to get to know the students well. Our teachers are warm and dedicated and welcome family involvement in their child’s education.

Our four schools of learning create smaller learning communities inside our wider school. These are designed to create a developmentally relevant sense of place for the year levels learning in them.

Santa Sophia is conscious of the significant influence a school has on each student's growth and development, however, we see ourselves in partnership with parents, deferring to them as the most important people in the life of their sons and daughters.

We view the relationship between the school and the families as one of partnership and work hard to maintain a professional, friendly and open approach to discussing student learning. We also involve families in school life through festivals, year level family connection events, student-led parent conferences and regular community engagement activities.

Come and see!

We’d love a chance to show you how learning works for young people at Santa Sophia Catholic College. Our dedicated teachers plan the learning in detail to help each child do his or her best. Come and see learning in action today!