School of Curiosity

Inspiring students to explore, innovate and thrive

Our School of Challenge program is aimed at students aged 6 to 9 years.

The School of Challenge provides each child with the social and academic skills needed to interact and explore the world as confident and effective learners.

During this phase of development the magical world of early childhood gradually transitions into the critical thinking of pre-adolescence. This is a time of inquiry – when children really begin to develop a hunger to know all about the world they live in - the who, what, when, why and how?

As students interact and explore the world, this quest for knowledge underpins our School of Challenge program as it develops each student’s comprehension of the world around them, and their attitudes and interests in relation to this.

The School of Challenge covers the Australian Curriculum needs whilst boasting an enriched curriculum allowing students freedom to explore interests and experiences of their choice.

Critical thinking skills are honed as each learner is guided to become his or her best. Instruction is approached with the understanding that each child’s development is unique and individual. It is through the use of differentiated instruction that we ensure academic success.
Learning during the School of Challenge allows plenty of space for movement, collaborative engagement, outdoor play and social interaction. While helping students prepare for the transition to the School of Problem Solving (Ages 10 to 14), children are still able to be children.

This approach helps to students build social skills and grow as learners

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