Exceptional Educators

Fostering new ways of teaching and learning

As a Catholic learning community, Santa Sophia is founded on the the best of what we know about contemporary learning and the experience of our exceptional educators.

Our teachers are passionate and creative, inspiring a love of learning in students every day.

They foster exploration and innovation, drawing on students’ passions, talents and learning styles to create an education that cultivates the whole child -- academically, socially, and emotionally.

The Santa Sophia educator:

  • listens to and appreciates each student as an individual
  • guides the development of social-emotional skills through class activities, individual goal setting, and 1:1 coaching
  • plans and assess a well-rounded education using academic milestones
  • creates hands-on learning experiences through projects and community experiences
  • partners with parents to best support their children
  • uses technology to enhance in-person learning, not replace it

Our educators are empowered through:

  • technology and a support team that enables them to spend more time with each student and less time on clerical tasks
  • flexibility to create meaningful experiences for their students
  • mentors and educational leaders who draw on the latest research in learning to guide professional development
  • a rich and varied network from which to draw experiences and share best practices
  • 1:1 partnerships with business and the community to develop educational tools




Our School Team

Our inspiring teachers allow students to thrive in their learning adventure to become adaptable, confident and conscientious young adults who will contribute positively to a rapidly changing world as globally responsible citizens... it’s The Santa Sophia Way.







Meet the College Executive Team


Mark De Vries

Mr Mark De Vries

College Principal


Linda Ducksbury

 Mrs Linda Ducksbury

Head of School
School of Curiosity (K-4)

Gabriela Osterlund

 Mrs Gabriela Osterlund

Head of School
School of Connect (5-8)

Christopher Hayman

Mr Christopher Hayman

Leader of Formation and Mission


Mrs Kelly Pickett

Leader of Enterprise and Partnerships



Middle Management Team

George Arcella

 Mr George Arcella

Assistant Principal
School of Connect (5-8)

Jeffrey Phillips

Mr Jeffrey Phillips

Assistant Principal
School of Challenge (9-12)

Anoushka Houseman Wellbeing Leader
Liam Magann Logistics Leader
Ivy Magistrado Instructional Coach (Secondary): Inquiry Learning
Angeli Kihi Instructional Coach (Secondary): Inquiry Learning/Literacy Leader
Chelsea Brogan Instructional Coach (Secondary): Learning
Timothy Adams Instructional Coach (Secondary): Learning
Maree Concato Instructional Coach (Secondary): Wellbeing (Stage 4)
Layla Mardini Instructional Coach (Secondary): Wellbeing (Stage 5)
Ashleigh Tabone Literacy Leader (Primary)
Michael Knight Numeracy Leader (Secondary)
Michael Faccin Sports Coordinator
Phil Rooke Music Coordinator
Cristina Rubbo Learning Technologies Coordinator
Michael Pastoors Leader of Mission
Cassandra Powell PA to the Principal/Office Manager


Teaching and Support Staff

Miss Lynell Alimangohan Teacher - Primary
Miss Sharleen Espiritu Teacher - Primary
Mrs Maria Finucane Teacher - Primary
Miss Georgia Fitzalan Teacher - Primary
Mrs Melissa Huntington Teacher - Primary
Mrs Deniece Ibanez Teacher - Primary
Miss Stefanie Messina Teacher - Primary
Mr James Petrie Teacher - Primary
Miss Ashleigh Tabone Teacher - Primary
Mrs Wilma Clenton Diversity Leader - Primary
Mrs Melodie Coleman Diversity Leader - Secondary
Mrs Kathleen Magann Diversity Teacher
Kerrie-Ann Galea Diversity Teacher
Mrs Sharon Grima Diversity Teacher
Mr Timothy Adams Teacher - Secondary
Mr Keith Argh Teacher - Secondary
Mrs Virginia Arundell Teacher - Secondary
Mrs Vivienne Boddy Teacher - Secondary
Lauren Blair Teacher - Secondary
Ms Chelsea Brogan Teacher - Secondary
Mr Ronell Catulong Teacher - Secondary
Ms Nora Darwish Teacher - Secondary
Mr Michael Faccin Teacher - Secondary
Allison Gardiner Teacher - Secondary
Miss Marian Guerra Teacher - Secondary
Mr Matthew Harb Teacher - Secondary
Mr Chris Hersey Teacher - Secondary
Mr Paulo Ibanez Teacher - Secondary
Mr John Jurgutis Teacher - Secondary
Mrs Angeli Kihi Teacher - Secondary
Mrs Karen Knight Teacher
Mr Michael Knight Teacher - Secondary
Mrs Lisa Lynch Teacher - Secondary
Mr Liam Magann Teacher - Secondary
Miss Ivy Magistrado Teacher - Secondary
Miss Layla Mardini Teacher - Secondary
Jamie McEvoy Teacher - Secondary
Mr Michael Pastoors Teacher - Secondary
Mr Phil Rooke Teacher - Secondary
Miss Cristina Rubbo Teacher - Secondary
Mr Louie Tiglao Teacher - Secondary
Mrs Stephanie Tucker Teacher - Secondary
Miss Sally-Anne Webster Teacher - Secondary
Mrs Maree Concato Teacher - Dance
Mr Thanh Nguyen Teacher
Mrs Aimi Carter Teachers Aide
Mrs Taren Charter Teachers Aide
Mrs Hazyl Guerra Teachers Aide
Mrs Jodie Cortez School Support Officer
Mrs Rachael Lyons School Support Officer
Mrs Vanessa Lyons School Support Officer
Mrs Danielle Rye School Support Officer
Miss Gelina Montierro Marketing and Communications Officer
Mrs Stephanie Campanale Partnerships and Pathways Coach
Miss Kimberley Campbell Technical Support Officer
Mr Vinit Mudaliar Technical Support Officer




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