The school newsletter is published online and is a valuable source of information about events within our school community.

It is a vital means of communication between school and home and both students and parents are encouraged to read it carefully.

The newsletter can be found on our website for your convenience.


  Term 4 Issue 24 2021

Settling into Box Hill, Orientation Days, preparing for 2022, Awards Ceremony


  Term 4 Issue 23 2021

Transition to Box Hill, new arrangements, the end of the remote learning period, and new updates on staffing.

  Term 3 Issue 22 2021

NAPLAN results, the transition to Box Hill and farewelling a very special person who has been part of our school's journey from the beginning, Daryl Castellino

  Term 3 Issue 21 2021

Music students awarded top international composer prize, lockdown wellbeing, remote learning

  Term 2 Issue 20 2021

Athletics Carnival, Caritas Colour Run, Performing Arts Soiree, Year 1 Past and Present Day, First library book, Dates for your diary

  Term 2 Issue 19 2021

Building Update, Mother's Day Message, Enrolment continues for 2022, Santa Sophia Connect Replays, Dates for your diary

  Term 1 Issue 18 2021

Building Update, Harmony Day, Sisters of the Immaculata, Billy Carts incursion, The Yard incursion, Sport Update, Easter

  Term 1 Issue 17 2021

Building milestone, first days of school, Year 7 Camp, Incursions, Swimming Carnival, Parent Information Evening replays, and Lent

  Term 4 Issue 16 2020

Term overview, Students visit new building site, End of Year celebrations, Year 7 Camp, Orientation for Kindy and Year 7 2021

  Term 4 Issue 15 2020

Principal's Address, Kindergarten overview, Building update, Book week, Claymation incursion, Gifted and Talented news, TAS Special Project and more

  Term 3 Issue 14 2020

Principal's Address, Virtual PEN, Science Fair, Donation to Vinnies, Video Game Project, R U OK Day, Inaugural Gold Award Recipient

  Term 3 Issue 13 2020

Principal's Address, Reading Bonanza Day, Primary update, Kenyan music project

  Term 2 Issue 12 2020

Term 2 newsletter, reports, partnership with Macquarie University, wellbeing update, English update, Primary update

  Term 2 Issue 11 2020

Principal's address, primary update, wellbeing update, sports update, Religious education update

  Term 1 Issue 10 2020

Remote learning program, Billy cart incursion, Year 1 Excursion, Swimming Carnival, General news

  Term 1 Issue 9 2020

Kindergarten, Year 1, Year 7 overview, Opening Mass, Swimming Carnival notice,

  Term 4 Issue 8 2019

Christmas message, Kindergarten year in review, Japanese student visit, pedestrian incursion, visual arts highlights

  Term 4 Issue 7 2019

Principal's address, Grandparents day, All Saint's Day, Kindergarten overview, orientation days, sports report, one million rosaries

  Term 3 Issue 6 2019

Principals address, kindergarten news, visual arts incursion, italian incursion, RUOK day, GWS excursion, sports report

  Term 3 Issue 5 2019

Feast Day Celebrations, Kindergarten Farm Excursion, Slam Poetry Incursion, Feast of the Assumption Mass,

  Term 2 Issue 4 2019

Kindergarten news, Excursion to the Archibald Prize, Corpus Christi Procession, Playbuilding Incursion

  Term 2 Issue 3 2019

Principal's Address, English PIP Excursion, Kindy visits 'big school', Sports Report, upcoming events

  Term 1 Issue 2 2019

Welcome Address, Year 7 Camp, Body Worlds Vital Exhibition, Kindergarten Overview, Sports Report, Student Reflections, Upcoming Events, Attachments

  Term 1 Issue 1 2019

Welcome Address, Opening School Mass, First Weeks of Kindergarten, Medieval Man Incursion, Cyber Safety, Student Reflections, Upcoming Events, Attachments

  Term 4 Issue 8 2018

Welcome Address, Space Camp, Red Wednesday, Hope Retreat, Student Reflections, Upcoming Events, Attachments

  Term 4 Issue 7 2018

Welcome Address, All Souls Day, Grandparents Day, Remembrance Day, Year 7 Orientation, Kindergarten 2019, Learning Reflection, Upcoming Events, Attachments

  Term 3 Issue 6 2018

Welcome Address, Basketball Gala Day, St John Paul II Day, PBS4L, Required Stationary List for Term 4, Learning Reflection, Upcoming Events, Attachments

  Term 3 Issue 5 2018

Welcome Address, Santa Sophia Feast Day, PDSSC Athletics Carnival, Netball Gala Day, Assumption Mass, Father's Day Breakfast, What I Learnt, Upcoming Events, Attachments

  Term 2 Issue 4 2018

Principal's Address, Ignite Food Drive and Vinnies Winter Appeal, NSW Cross Country, Ancient Egypt Interactive Virtual Museum, What I Learnt

  Term 2 Issue 3 2018

Principal's Address, Story Factory Excursion, Cross Country, Welcome to Ms Sally-Anne Webster, Upcoming Events, Attachments

  Term 1 Issue 2 2018

Principal's Easter Message, Bible Reading and Reflection, NAPLAN, Open Day and 2019 Enrolment, Space Camp, Swimming Carnival

  Term 1 Issue 1 2018

Lenten Message, Principal's Video Update, School Camp, Swimming Carnival, Upcoming Events and Need to Know items

  Term 4 Issue 1 2017

Principal's Update, Christmas E-Card, Important Information for 2018, Bus Travel, Canteen, School Uniform, Upcoming Events



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