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Wellbeing in focus during lockdown

As millions of Australians grapple with the latest lockdown, working from home, remote learning and the lack of social interaction outside of the home, Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta are putting the focus on wellbeing for families during this difficult time. Read more...


Wellbeing expert shares tips for families

Are you looking for some practical ideas to help support your child's wellbeing during this period of remote learning? Santa Sophia Catholic College Wellbeing Leader Anoushka Houseman has shared these helpful tips for families. Read more...

Training teachers to respond to mental health

Last week, our teachers, including some of our new staff, completed the Youth Mental Health First Aid course. The course equips them with stronger skills in assisting youth who are developing a mental health problem or are experiencing a mental health crisis. Read more..


Inaugural Gold Award Recipient

Being a new school, our College goes through a number of 'firsts'. On Wednesday 16 September, we had a special presentation of Santa Sophia Catholic College's Inaugural Principal's Gold Award. The first ever Gold Award recipient was Year 8 student, Erica Pisani. Read more...

R U OK Day 2020

Thursday 10 September 2020 was R U OK Day. This is our national day of action when we remind ourselves that every day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” if someone in your world is struggling with life’s ups and downs. In 2020, this question to connect with others is more relevant than ever. Read more...




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