About Us

To succeed in a connected world you have to learn differently

Santa Sophia Catholic College (Box Hill) provides a Christ centred environment, aimed at educating the whole child, and helping students to be people of true wisdom through faith, hope and love. 

Santa Sophia Catholic College is a Catholic learning community that serves the dynamic new area of Box Hill. It is establishing a new approach for pre-school to post school learning within an extended school day. It achieves this through a developmental and student-centred approach to learning with a focus on ‘learning how to learn’.

The College brings together the best we know about how young people learn and how to teach them. Within a Catholic faith environment, students will learn how to be responsible global citizens, how to think creatively and critically, how to communicate and work collaboratively.

We are a school that fosters imagination and innovation.

Santa Sophia has an educational approach which sees all members of the community as learners. With the learner at the centre, Santa Sophia uses student interests, innovative learning approaches and a flexible curriculum to intentionally enhance every child’s learning adventure.

Santa Sophia School inspires students to explore, discover, innovate and thrive in their learning adventure.

Acknowledging positive behaviour

At Santa Sophia, we recognise positive student behaviours in a number of ways. This includes verbally praising students explicitly, using non verbal cues (e.g., thumbs up, smiles, nods) and/or putting a Santa Sophia stamp on their chart (primary)/diary (secondary) when we observe the behaviours stated in the relevant matrix above. When students accumulate a set number of stamps, they may trade these in for a reward of their choice from a reward menu designed by the students in conjunction with their teachers (e.g., 10 mins free time at a designated time, a special privilege, invitation to morning tea, teacher's helper, free time with a friend, etc). These different methods help to engage and motivate students and to understand what behaviours are valued in the school community so these positive behaviours become more frequent and practiced. The stamp system is re-commenced each calendar year.

When students are observed to be more consistently following the College values and expectations of behaviour, a teacher may nominate them for a PBS4L certificate to recognise consistent effort or achievement in a particular area. These certificates are more difficult to attain than a stamp as each teacher nominates only one or two students a fortnight. Once a student receives five certificates, they will earn a Principal's Bronze Award, 10 certificates earns a Principal's Silver Award and 15 certificates earns a Principal's Gold Award with a gold badge. The certificates are recorded on the school database and accumulate over the student’s entire time at Santa Sophia. Students who have accumulated a number of certificates in their school life at Santa Sophia, have objective evidence that they have consistently adhered to our school values (as per matrix above) and are therefore identified to be potential leaders within the school community. Please see the flowchart below for a summary of the positive behaviour recognition systems.

Santa Sophia PBS4L Rewards Flowchart